Posted September 20, 2016 

The Largest Pizza in Wollongong

One of the Wollongong's largest pizza was cooked at Hot Chilli Food House this month. The pizza made was 18 inches in diameter and featured renowned Hot Chilli Food House recipe and ingredients. Be the first group or a hungry individual that will take on this yummy monster. 
The next time you're quibbling over spending an extra $5 on a large instead of a medium pizza, remember the pizza equation.
No we do not mean you + pizza = heaven. This is an actual, honest to goodness equation.

In other words, always go large to maximise your pizza enjoyment!

Posted August 18, 2016 

The Halal Snack Pack – Australian specialty

The Halal Snack Pack also known as the HSP is a bit of an enigma. It appeared in a few kebab shops around Sydney, Australia as a new offering, creating something highly crave-able for late night crowds that was both filling and reasonably priced. Next thing you know, the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society is formed on Facebook at the end of 2015, and grew to over 170,000 user base who post about, help find, and review HSPs across Australia. As this culinary delight grew in online fame, receiving rave reviews, it also spread beyond Sydney, as more kebab shops began offering variants of the dish, from different sauces to meat combinations.
HSP, is a dish consisting of halal-certified doner kebab meat (typically beef but also chicken and lamb), chips, and one or more sauces, especially chiligarlic and barbecueYoghurtcheesejalapeño peppers, and hummus are common additions. It is know as staple dish of takeaway or eat in Hot Chilli Food House.
Halal Snack Packs at Hot Chilli Food House Wollongong
Join thousands of happy and loyal food lovers as well as hundreds of critics call Hot Chilli Food House’s halal snack pack, Australia’s “best” halal snack pack! Come and step inside to experience Australia’s latest food sensation!

Posted April 6, 2016 

Hot Chilli Food House – the best pizza, pide, and kebabs in Wollongong!

Welcome to the first instalment of Hot Chilli’s blog! Through our blogs, we aim to inform and educate your mind with facts about the foods we all love – pizza, pide, and kebabs.
Let’s start with looking at the history of the magical three foods:
There’s no denying that pizza is a much loved food – whether you are eating it alone, with family, with friends, or even with work colleagues.
Even though its common knowledge that pizza comes from Italy, did you know that Greece, Egypt, and Persia also claim to have invented the pizza?
Passion-4-Pizza debunked the theories and states that Iran can’t claim to own pizza because they cooked flatbread but not in an oven. The same can be said about Egypt, so that leaves the debate between the Italians and the Greeks sitting on the iron throne.
It’s concluded here that the pizza we know and love was a combination of Greek and Italian influence – but the pizza we eat nowadays is claimed by the Italians.
Whether you pronounce it as pee-deh or peid, pide is a much-loved food. Like pizza, it can be eaten sweet or savoury.
Babaji shows us that the technique of cooking the traditional pide dates back to the Sumerian times of 4000 BC. Similar to the history of pizza, pide is debated about whether it comes from Persia, Greece, Turkey, or Italy.
They say those who know how to make the most of something can take claim – and Turkey has definitely proved that they can make the most out of pide.
The actual word ‘kebab’ is so versatile. Some people know the word ‘kebab’ as a shish kebab, others know the word to mean cevapi, and others know the word to mean a döner kebab.
Here, we are talking about the döner kebab. It is a fact that kebabs have origins dating back to the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. But did you know that Germany is known as the kebab capital of the word today?
No matter how you eat your kebab, you will always be back for more before you know it. It’s also the perfect food to eat when you’re trying to sober up after a big night out.
Without a doubt, you will not regret your drive to Hot Chilli Food House. Whether you’re from Gwynneville, Coniston, Cringila, Bulli, Berkeley, Figtree, and anywhere else in the Illawarra – you can’t go wrong with Hot Chilli Food House!
Let us know – what’s your favourite types of pizza, pide, and kebabs?